7 and 8th GRADE

Art and Math is a special art class offered for a semester once every other year. It is a unique approach to teaching math. Instead of relying on the usual number problems with correct answers as the goal, the new goal is the completion of an art experience relating the answer to a design.

Especially useful to the visual learner, these projects provide for all learners a relationship of the abstract (math) to the concrete (art)...and art is a fantastic motivator. Modular math, base systems, number sequence, logic, percentages, probability, patterns, construction, symmetry, measurement (standard and metric), fractions, algebraic equations, operations and geometry...even calculus...are included in this course along with different cultural studies and art concepts.

There is no homework and no tests. Can you think of a better way to learn math?

Here we are beginning a rotating hexagonal kaleidocycle. Within the shape lie tetrahedra shapes connected to each other.

The strip is rolled up like a hose and turned into itself as you see above. 

Once dry, patterns are created that will rotate differently when flipped over as you see here.


Other art and math work.....

...Round Robin constructions...


A Victor Vasarely study of op art using diameters and radii. If you stare at it long enough, the circle will start to move.