7th and 8th Grades

G. Arcimboldo was a famous Italian painter (1500's) who spent the last 25 years of his life as an Austrian court painter for Emperors Maximilian and Rudolph II. His court paintings are exciting to view because instead of painting them as realistic portraits, the faces are composed of fruits and vegetables of the different seasons or of the elements like fire, water, sky, and land. Even some of his paintings can be view upside down. For example, in "The Cook" Arcimboldo paints a platter of cooked meats but when turned upside down, it becomes the portrait of the court cook. This type of painting is called "mannerism."

Using the idea of creating a face with unusual items, students were allowed to go through many magazines looking for any possibilites of items. They were allowed ONLY 7 minutes to find these items. Fast and furiously they raced to get as much as they could find...knowing they could not return to the magazines again until the project was completed. We enjoyed lots of laughter and sharing.

Students were asked to complete two to be torn only with the fingers and the second to be cut with scissors. Here you can see the "fruits" of their labor in these dynamic faces. You can notice which are torn and which are cut.